About Us

For more than 50 years we, at GLAVBOLGARSTROY, have developped new places for residential, office, shopping, sports and relax purposes, as well as roads for the movement of vehicles indispensable for the higher quality of people’s lives. Since its establishment, the company has completed projects with a total built area of ​​over 26 million square meters – an impressive volume of works based on our continuous striving for improvement, process optimization and provision of the highest quality service to our customers.

Our company has pioneered in developing key standards in the construction industry, both in Bulgaria and throughout the Balkan region. We continue to cement this leadership position primarily through innovative corporate governance in all directions. We do not simply follow the latest trends in the construction industry, but we also create them.

With the implementation of a number of landmark projects in Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Africa, Central and North Asia and the Middle East, GLAVBOLGARSTROY’s name has become synonymous for honesty and high quality. The company is considered a reliable partner, capable of offering a full range of services in project implementation – before, during and after construction.

As a market leader, we have contracted the development of large-scale projects demanding particular attention, whose implementation is secured by guarantees issued by first-class Bulgarian and international banks. Our company has extensive experience and has successfully participated in tenders financed by international institutions, public and private investors all over the globe.

Mission and Values

We, GBS, have always set clear strategic priorities and ambitious targets for the company. Our mission is to be a leader in providing the best integrated solutions throughout the life cycles of construction projects – conceptualization, planning, estimation, design, construction, management, operation and maintenance.

It is our guiding principle that every project should be implemented to the ultimate satisfaction of the client- within schedule, budget, and to the best quality and performance standards.

To this end, we have embraced the principles of “Leadership Culture”, which contributes both to the effectiveness of our business and the successful implementation of our corporate priorities and goals. The main goal of everyone in GBS is to be the best in what we do. That’s why we have supported and encouraged the entrepreneurial spirit and constant desire for improvement within the company.


GLAVBOLGARSTROY promotes trusting and fair relations with its suppliers and subcontractors. We involve competent partners in projects at an early stage, standardize performances and establish Group-wide standards for subcontractor and supplier management.


GLAVBOLGARSTROY is committed to fair and open competition in the global markets. We look for capable and reliable business partners who have the same commitment.


One key prerequisite for successful cooperation is trust. Information on suppliers and subcontractors is handled confidentially, and we expect the same confidentiality from our suppliers and subcontractors.

Memberships in Organizations

GLAVBOLGARSTROY was created in 1969 by virtue of the so-called “Oil-Iron” Intergovernmental Agreement for construction works in Russia. In the period 1971-1972 another 13 construction groups were formed. In 1986, start was given to the construction of the “Yamburg – Western Border” gas pipeline, followed by the set-up of 10 trust holdings, including 7 in Russia and 3 in Ukraine. The project included the construction of underground gas and oil storage depots, compressor stations, etc. In 1991-1992, new trust holdings were founded in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. In the period 1992-96, six small towns were built up, worth over DEM 600 million in total.

After 1994, GLAVBOLGARSTROY operated in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany and Bulgaria as prime contractor for a number of residential, public, industrial and infrastructure projects. In 1997, GLAVBOLGARSTROY was transformed into a private joint-stock company and since 2005 it has been a holding structure.

  • Establishing of Glavbolgarstroy

    On May 22, 1969, an Oil-Iron Agreement was signed between the governments of the USSR and Bulgaria for the execution of construction works by Bulgarian workers on the territory of the former Soviet Union against the supply of oil and iron-containing raw materials to Bulgaria. In order to fulfill Bulgaria’s obligations under the agreement, Glavbolgarstroy…

  • Eight new divisions were established within the company

    In connection with the increase in workload, new construction groups were being created in Orenburg, Tyumen, Surgut, Zheleznogorsk, Aksay, Yaroslavl, Grozniy and Saratov, with the number of workers already reaching 13,000 people.

  • Glavbolgarstroy participated in the restoration of the city of Gazli, Uzbekistan

    Bulgarian construction groups have made a significant contribution to the reconstruction of the city of Gazli in Uzbekistan after the devastating earthquake that struck the city in May 1976.

  • The construction of the Yamburg-West Border Pipeline began

    In order to implement the project in the second half of 1986, Glavbolgarstroy created nine divisions of the company. In the territory of Russia they were located in Serpuhov, Kimra, Stavropol, Orenburg, Cheboksary, Novokuybishevsk and Tyumen; in the territory of Ukraine – in Kiev, Gadjach and Chernomorsk.

  • The name Glavbolgarstroy appeared

    After hundreds of completed projects of the Bulgarian building groups in the territory of the USSR, a decision of the Council of Ministers of 14.04.1987 established the Glavbolgarstroy Economic Union, with registered office in Moscow, which united the activities of the Bulgarian construction groups abroad.

  • The registered office of Glavbolgarstroy was moved to Sofia

    In 1989, the registered office of the Glavbolgarstroy Economic Union was moved to Sofia.

  • Glavbolgarstroy started work in Kazakhstan

    In 1991, the work on the Oil-Iron Agreement was successfully completed. At the same time, construction based on the principle of direct negotiation began. New subdivisions were established in 1991 in the town of Pravdinsk (Nijegorodsk Region, Russia) and in the town of Kazelorda (Kazakhstan). In parallel with the construction of the Kumkola oil field…

  • Residential town construction began in Ukraine and Russia

    In 1992, Glavbolgarstroy started working on the housing construction program in the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus for the servicemen returning from Germany, as well as under the social part of the Agreement between the United States, the Republic of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus…

  • Branches of the company were established in the big regional cities in Bulgaria

    In 1992, alongside the work abroad, Glavbolgarstroy began to operate on the Bulgarian construction market as well. Branches of the Company were set up in the big regional cities.

  • Six residential towns were built

    In the period 1992 – 1996 under the Housing Construction Program for Russian Army Returners from Germany, Glavbolgarstroy, together with the German construction company Hochtief, built and submitted for commissioning six residential towns with complete infrastructure. The total value of works implemented by Glavbolgarstroy on this program amounted to more than 600 million DEM.

  • The company has been privatized

    In 1997 the company was privatized and restructured into a joint-stock company.

  • Glavbolgarstroy is the first ISO 9001 certified construction company

    For high quality construction in compliance with the European standards, in April 1999 Glavbolgarstroy received an approval certificate certifying the compliance of the Company with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard. At that time Glavbolgarstroy was the only Bulgarian construction company that managed to meet the criteria for holding this certificate.

  • Glavbolgarstroy completed its first investment project in Moscow

    In the period 1998 – 2001 the residential complex JSC – Rabotniki MID was built. This is the first large scale investment project in the history of Glavbolgarstroy. It was implemented jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, which contributed the land against a percentage of the built-up area under the…

  • Glavbolgarstroy started reconstruction of Vasil Levski National Stadium

    The reconstruction of Vasil Levski National Stadium started already in 2000. Consequently the concept was changed, the amount of work was increased and in 2004 it was completed in its present form.

  • Restructuring of the Company

    In 2005, the Company was transformed into a holding structure, and in parallel with the construction, it began to develop tourist and investment activity.

  • The construction of the Sv. Thoma Holiday Complex began

    In 2007 Glavbolgarstroy initiated the construction of its biggest investment project, implemented in Bulgaria so far – Sv. Thoma Holiday Village. The project was completed in 2008, the same year being awarded with a number of prestigious awards.

  • The construction of Arena Armeec began

    In fierce competition, in 2009 Glavbolgarstroy won the tender for construction and complete engineering of a new Multipurpose Sports Hall of the city of Sofia. This is one of the largest construction sites ever built in Bulgaria.

  • The construction of the biggest Mall in Bulgaria began

    Glavbolgarstroy started building the biggest shopping center in Bulgaria – Sofia Ring Mall, which has about 70,000 square meters of lettable space.

  • Glavbolgarstroy started work in Kosovo

    In April 2011, Glavbolgarstroy was selected as a contractor for the new Pristina courthouse project. Employers are the European Commission and the Ministry of Administration of Kosovo. With the launch of the project in June 2011, Glavbolgarstroy opened its own subsidiary in Pristina – GBS Kosovo.

  • The construction of Struma Highway Lot 1 began

    At the beginning of October 2011, Glavbolgarstroy started the construction of the most environmentally-friendly and complex transport project for Bulgaria – Lot 1 of Struma Highway. The section from Dolna Dikanya to Dupnitsa is 17 km long and its value is BGN 58.534 million excluding VAT.

  • Glavbolgarstroy completed pre-term Struma Highway Lot 1

    In less than two years Glavbolgarstroy completed the construction of Struma Highway Lot 1. The section from Dolna Dikanya to Dupnitsa is 17 km and its value is BGN 58.534 million, excluding VAT. The site is part of European Transport Corridor IV and the North-South Trans-European Highway. As an arterial road, it is of great…

  • The construction of Struma Highway Lot 2 began

    The construction of the 37-km route of Struma Highway Lot 2 from Dupnitsa to Blagoevgrad started. The project was co-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the state budget through Operational Program Transport 2007 – 2013. The value of the contract was BGN 358,722,000.00 with VAT included. The deadline for the technical…

  • Glavbolgarstroy celebrates its 45th anniversary

    In 2014, the Glavbolgarstroy Group celebrated its 45th anniversary. The event was commemorated with an exquisite celebration, attended by employees and partners of the Company. On the occasion of the jubilee, a book was also published, collecting photos, memories and documents from the long history of the construction holding.

  • Тhe modernization of four compressor stations was completed

    Glavbolgarstroy successfully completed the modernization and reconstruction of Strandja, Petrich, Lozenets and Ihtiman compressor stations. The project was implemented jointly with the American company Solar Turbines.


    The 20-kilometer gas pipeline section from Lozenets compressor station to Nedyalsko was completed 4 months earlier and with less funds than expected. The project increases the security and capacity of the existing transit gas transmission network.


    Glavbolgarstroy is the leader of “Struma Lot 3.3” consortium that completed the innovative project. The new 23.6km stretch between Kresna and Sandanski has 25 large facilities – bridges over rivers, overpass over Sofia – Kulata railway, 9 agricultural underpasses and overpasses, 4 recreation grounds.

  • Glavbolgarstroy celebrates half a century since its establishment

    The construction holding is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary with rich experience written in the history and many ideas for the future.