Sales, Management and Lease of Real Estate

GLAVBOLGARSTROY offers customer support at every step of the investment process: from choosing a suitable site, through the procurement of all necessary permits and authorizations, drafting of architectural and engineering designs to the very realization and subsequent management and marketing of the project, including the best solutions for reconstruction and development of existing sites.

Through its real estate subsidiary GBS – Imoti AD, we are standing next to you during:

  • The preliminary study of properties;
  • The selection and evaluation of suitable site for investment;
  • If you need legal consultancy and analysis of property records;
  • Urban planning and conciliation procedures;
  • Preparation of a complete set of executive documentation during construction works, regardless of the project type and scale;
  • Marketing of investment projects;
  • Building maintenance and management.

The advantage of GBS – Imoti AD to other consulting firms is its long year’s experience and professionalism of other specialized companies in GLAVBOLGARSTROY Group. Therefore we are confident in our capacity to offer highest quality A-Z services in the investment process. GBS – Imoti AD is the legal successor to the majority of real estate holdings run and operated by GLAVBOLGARSTROY.