By-product department of “Amilum Bulgaria”

Contracting Authority
“Amilum Bulgaria”

Razgrad, Bulgaria

Period of implementation
october 2018 – april 2019

Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
Reinforced concrete structures

Nature of works

The implementation of the project includes two main stages: construction of a new department for by-products: dewatering and drying plant for gluten, construction of a transformer station and a 0.4kV distribution system; and a second stage of construction of a building for transformer substations, an electrical room and a building for power distribution 6 and 0,4 KV.

The plant for gluten is a combined structure with a height of 30 meters. The metal structure has a total weight of 400 tons and is built on a reinforced concrete foundation slab with a thickness of 1 meter, based on 116 drilled piles, dia 600 mm.

Technical indicators

Built-up area: 1847,90 sq.m.
Built-in volume: 8592,70 cubic meters