Regional depot for daily waste Vidin

Contracting Authority:

Vidin Municipality

Vidin, Bulgaria

Period of implementation:
March 2014 –May 2015

Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project:
Prime contractor

Nature of works:

The regional depot for domestic waste is designed and constructed to allow domestic waste, generated on the territory of Vidin district, in accordance with OP Environment 2007-2013’s requirements, signed between European Union and Republic of Bulgaria. The project’s purpose is oriented to environment preservation and protection of population’s health in Vidin District.In execution of the concluded Contract,Glavbolgarstroy , executed the following subsites and types of construction-assembly works:

Service buildings and facilities, including:
– Weighing machine;
– Disinfection trap;
– Administrative-domestic building;
– Car wash.
– Local WTP;
– Service roads;
– District lighting;
– Onsite Water supply and Sewerage, including:
– Onsite drinking water supply;
– Fire-safety water pipe;
– Inlet water supply for technical water;
– Onsite el. networks НН;
– Diesel generator 160 kVA;
– Site and installation for biogas burning;
– Drainage of site, including 3 discharges in Danube river;
– Site and composting installation;
– Site for construction waste;
– Outdoor parking;
– Fence and entrance gates;
– Forest clear cut belt;
– Monitoring system;
– Bulkhead 200м
– Cuttings – 258 740м3
– Embankments – 145 975м3
– Concrete – 1 109,60м3
– Formwork – 3 256,57м2
– Reinforcement – 64 004,53кг
– Water proofing geomembrane made of HDPE foil and a protective layer
of geotextile for lower insulating screen (LIS) and Box 1 – 43 745,89m²
– Draining geocomposite and concrete mat for Upper
insulating screen (UIS) for Technical recultivation of
Old waste Depot – 29 150,00m²
– Asphalting works – 3 979,15 tones

With the realization of the project have been achieved the requirements of the Employer for:

  •  The use of a system for a full monitoring on the Depot’s processes and facilities, giving guarantee for avoiding emergency situations;
  • Provision of sufficient safety and health measures for people at time of construction, exploitation and maintenance of the Depot;
  • Provision of measures, giving guarantee for the continuous and fault-free work of the Depot for the entire project’s term of validity.