Vasil Levski National Stadium

Contracting Authority:
First and second stage: Council of Ministers – State Agency of Youth and Sport, Third stage: Ministry of Youth and Sports

Sofia, Bulgaria

Period of implementation:
July 2001- September 2003

Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project:
Prime contractor

Nature of works:
• Engineering and “turnkey”
• Research and design
• Organization of construction works
• Construction – architectural-constructional part, construction and installation works
• Delivery and assembly of facilities and technological equipment
• Preparation and commissioning of the site by stages of implementation
• Complete execution and engineering project, including the sports facilities – in compliance with the recommendations and requirements of FIFA and UEFA;
• Landscaping of the surrounding area to the Stadium, including car and bus parking lots

Certain technical characteristics:
• A building with an administrative unit, multifunctional sports halls, public-service sector – restaurants, cafés and cafeterias, sports glory museum, medical centre with full rehabilitation equipment, warehouse and service installation premises, press-conference hall; locker rooms and referees’ room, bars, and other premises
• New structures for the stands; drainage, heating and irrigation systems for the football field and an athletics racing track; vocalisation system
• Fences, barriers and other partitions providing for the safety of fans and spectators;
• Information scoreboard, security and control installations and systems

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