22 Mar 2024

A conference on energy security and the role of Bulgaria was held in the European Parliament

Glavbolgarstroy's Deputy Executive Director, Plamena Nenkova, discusses the company's energy construction projects and its strategy for implementing innovations


A conference on "Energy security - a basis for the development of European industry and the role of Bulgaria" gathered in the European Parliament building in Brussels, key representatives of the Bulgarian and European energy and industry, industry organizations, diplomats, members of the European Parliament, trade unionists, representatives of academia, the non-governmental sector, and experts from the European Commission.

The main topic was the key role of Bulgaria in the development of European energy and industrial policies and their practical implementation. The development of nuclear energy as a primary power source for the EU, the role of renewable energy sources, and the need to improve the connectivity of electricity networks in the EU were also discussed. The conference focused on the EU's re-industrialization plan, the key importance of strategic raw materials in Bulgaria and the Union, and the provision and training of quality personnel.

In a panel focused on energy network connectivity and Bulgaria's regional role, Plamena Nenkova, Deputy Executive Director of Glavbolgarstroy, showcased the company's strategic energy projects.

Nenkova highlighted the company's commitment to executing projects swiftly, ensuring full compliance with environmental and administrative standards.

The hydrogen plant project in Chiren, part of a partnership that includes Bulgarian gas transmission operator Bulgartransgaz, Solar Turbines, Honeywell, and Pietro Fiorentini, was emphasized as an example of the company's strategy for implementing innovations in construction.

Nenkova explained that keeping pace with technological advancements is a priority for the company, both in the construction and energy sectors. This approach ensures participation in projects that provide the best solutions for energy security and grid stability.

Energy security, Nenkova noted, means not only the availability of energy in various forms but also its affordability and environmental sustainability.

Nenkova also highlighted the importance of collaborations with the scientific community, such as the innovative insulation foam project "NRG-STORAGE" and the "MOBICCON-PRO" project, which focuses on developing a mobile plant for producing high-quality recycled construction materials.

"Our company is keen on expanding our involvement in green projects. We aim to apply innovative technologies, production solutions, and product innovations in practical ways. To this end, we maintain close partnerships with academic institutions and technology manufacturers from Europe and around the world."

At the Brussels event, "Glavbolgarstroy" participated in a strategic discussion titled "Climate Goal for 2040: A Conversation with the Industry." This discussion was part of the European Energy Forum's agenda and included participants from heavy industry, European sector associations, MEPs, and senior officials from the European Commission's Directorates General, among others. The dialogue centered on key elements of the European Green Deal, the European Climate Law, the 2040 Climate Target, and the technologies essential for achieving these ambitious goals, such as carbon capture and storage (CCS), carbon capture and utilization (CCU), and carbon removal technologies.