02 Nov 2020

From 1st of November, traffic was allowed in a 2.5 km section of the SOP Southern Arc’s- direct route from the connection with the Trakia Highway to German.

From November 1, to facilitate the traffic in the winter season, traffic was allowed in a 2.5-kilometer section of the direct route of Sofia Ring Road / SOP / Southern Arc from the connection with the Trakia Highway to the German road junction. The section is part of the reconstruction of 6 km of the Ring Road between Mladost and Trakia Highway. The aim is to facilitate travel during the coming winter months and increase safety.

The traffic is started with а temporary organization, temporary road marking and in the next year, the work of the site will continue with the laying of the last wearing asphalt layer and the execution of all finishing works.

In the 2.5-kilometer section, the traffic will be in 3 lanes in each direction, and at the Lozen road junction, the local lanes will be used.

With the extension of over 6 km from the Sofia Ring Road in the section from the road junction “Tsarigradsko Shosse” to the road junction “Mladost”, which started in October last year, the existing two-lane road is reconstructed into a 6-lane with a middle dividing strip, dividing strips between the premises and the direct route, 2 local lanes, and sidewalks. The new route will provide a connection between the Struma and Trakia highways, which will facilitate transit traffic from the Europa Motorway and the connection with the border crossings with Turkey and Greece. The investment amounts to BGN 142.7 million ( VAT  included), coming from the National budget.

The project progresses according to schedule, and currently at about 65% of the planned activities have been completed. The 6-kilometer section under contract should be ready by the end of 2021, however at the pace at which the builders are working, the site is expected to be completed earlier.

The work in the section continues and the drivers have to drive carefully and strictly observe the traffic signals and the speed limit, as they pass through a section with ongoing construction works.