15 Jul 2021

GBS meets with Eurogas in Brussels to discuss topics related to the natural gas market development

Glavbolgarstroy (GBS) met with the association representing the European gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors – Eurogas to discuss issues related to gas market development in South Eastern European (SEE) region and the EU

During the meeting held on Wednesday, 14th of July, GBS and Eurogas discussed a series of topics ranging from natural gas market development in Bulgaria and the SEE region all the way to the future of renewable gas, blending hydrogen into existing natural gas infrastructure and possibilities for GBS – Eurogas mutual collaboration.

To start off the talks, GBS introduced some of its key natural gas infrastructure projects that the company was engaged in, encompassing:

  • construction of new and modernization of operating gas compressor stations;
  • construction and rehabilitation of gas transmission pipelines;
  • construction of underground gas storages, etc.

The company presented its long-term expertise in building energy infrastructure in Bulgaria and abroad and focused more specifically on the recently conducted and still on-going projects in the country, seeking to secure modernization and expansion of the existing gas infrastructure with a view to secure reliable natural gas transmission and to stimulate gas market integration, trade development and the establishment of a competitive and integral SEE gas market.

The GBS – Eurogas talks focused in much detail on the future of hydrogen. Discussed were some the Eurogas positions related to renewable and low-carbon gas targets and blending up to 20 % hydrogen into existing natural gas infrastructure in early stages. Both parties confirmed that the use of the existing gas infrastructure to facilitate hydrogen market development rather than creating separate networks from the outset, is economically justifiable and necessary. In this regard, targeted upgrades of the existing natural gas infrastructure will allow for hydrogen blending and conversion in which construction companies and technical equipment providers/suppliers will have a central role to play.

The meeting concluded with discussions on possible future collaboration among the parties, both in the Bulgaria (where GBS is headquartered) and at EU level, via the Representative office of the company in Brussels.

*Eurogas is an association representing the European gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors towards the EU institutions. Founded in 1990, Eurogas currently comprises 63 companies and associations from 25 countries.