13 Sep 2023

Glavbolgarstroy Holding Becomes Part of the World Economic Forum Network

Geneva, Switzerland


Glavbolgarstroy Holding and the World Economic Forum have entered into a partnership agreement that focuses on the common principles and vision shared by both organizations regarding sustainable development and innovation. This collaboration highlights the significant role that the construction sector plays in bringing about positive global changes, aligning with the direction pursued by the World Economic Forum in various fields.


Professor Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (on the left) and Kalin Peshov, chairman of the Management Board of Glavbolgarstroy Holding at the signing ceremony for the cooperation agreement


As a leader in the construction industry, GBS is committed to actively participating in discussions related to the industry's future, the shift toward new energy sources, the engineering approach to this transformation, and the promotion of global best practices in infrastructure construction.


From left to right: Lauro Muff, Partner Engagement Specialist; Plamena Nenkova, Deputy Executive Director of ,,International Affairs and Business Development" at Glavbolgarstroy Holding; Professor Klaus Schwab; Kalin Peshov and Charlotte Boutboul, Lead Urban Transformation;


Among the topics that Glavbolgarstroy will focus on is the construction industry's role in addressing global environmental challenges, green building solutions, and reducing the industry's impact on the environment—areas where the construction holding can draw upon its 54 years of industry expertise.


Founded in 1971 by Professor Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum convenes leaders from various sectors, including politics, business, academia, and civil society. It serves as a platform for dialogue and cooperation to generate innovative solutions for complex global issues. The primary objective of the World Economic Forum is to "improve the state of the world."


The Forum organizes several significant events, including its Annual Meeting in Davos, and publishes documents of great social, political, and economic significance, such as the "Global Risks Report," the "Global Competitiveness Report" assessing the competitiveness of economies, and the "Energy Transition Index," which assesses the readiness of countries for the transformation of the global energy system.