01 Mar 2024

Glavbolgarstroy Holding supported the “Days of Visual Science” initiative of Sofia University

The "Days of Visual Science" initiative by Sofia University was supported by "Glavbolgarstroy Holding", highlighting the importance of environmental education and sustainable development. The initiative featured the premiere of "The World at Risk" and "Hope for the Future" films, produced by the Faculty of Economics at SU "St. Kliment Ohridski". These films were showcased in a dome specifically constructed for immersive screenings, aimed at engaging visitors with the pressing need for a secure and sustainable future for our planet.

Attending the event were Julian Popov, Minister of Environment and Water, Ivan Goichev, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality with a focus on "Digitalization, Innovations and Economic Development", Prof. Dr. Stoyan Shishkov, Deputy Rector of SU "St. Kliment Ohridski", Georgi Iliev, Mayor of the "Slatina" district, along with representatives from supporting companies, and students involved in the project.

Assoc. Dr. Marina Stefanova, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics and a key proponent of the initiative, emphasized the urgency of environmental awareness. "It is necessary that the knowledge of the world, as it is today, reaches the people as soon as possible. Actions to protect our planet must be taken here and now," she stated. Stefanova expressed hope that the screenings would inspire visitors to contribute to change through small daily actions.

She extended gratitude to Emil Angelov, CEO and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of "Glavbolgarstroy Holding", for their crucial support in constructing the dome. Due to restrictions on the use of mechanization, the construction relied solely on manual labor and expertise, a challenge successfully met by Glavbolgarstroy, Stefanova said.

Emil Angelov reflected on the foundational role of human effort in technology, including artificial intelligence, emphasizing the core human values. He also discussed the concept of business sustainability, linking it to the longevity and practices of companies. "Glavbolgarstroy, with its 55-year history, exemplifies sustainability. Today, consumers, especially the younger generation, play a significant role in demanding sustainable practices from businesses," Angelov stated.

The Days of Visual Science initiative, a collaboration between ESG Lab and the Center for Visual Science "Kaleidoscope" at the Faculty of Economics of Sofia University, aims to make an impact through visual and sensory experiences. It addresses critical issues such as environmental protection, energy, water, food, waste management, biodiversity, deforestation, poverty, peace, and security. In 2024, "Kaleidoscope" plans to extend its reach to various cities, spreading scientific knowledge and awareness to a broader audience.