11 May 2023

Glavbolgarstroy is building a presence in the U.S.

Glavbolgarstroy is making its mark in the U.S. with the opening of its representative office in the United States, in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., and its participation in this year's SelectUSA Investment Summit in National Harbor

The Washington office of "Glavbolgarstroy" opened its doors at the start of this month. The decision to open a representative office was taken following consultation with the GBS International Advisory Board, chaired by former EU Enlargement Commissioner, Gunther Verheugen. Situated in the esteemed Willard Business Center building on Pennsylvania Avenue, the office will be headed by Dennis R. Deziel, who boasts years of experience in both public administration and the private sector.

The company has decided to open a Representative Office in Washington due to the increased commercial exchange with leading high-tech equipment manufacturers in the US, as well as collaborations with international associations and universities, including TCU - Ralph Lowe Institute and GFCC. This step is the next stage of the company's international positioning, building on their already established offices in Brussels and Vienna.

The Washington, D.C. office will be responsible for expanding GBS’ partner network, participating in the robust and exciting national dialogue about investment in infrastructure, developments in green construction, innovative building solutions, expanding incentives to achieve environmentally responsible and resource efficient processes, evolving regulatory frameworks, and opportunities for collaboration with top American businesses and professional organizations.

"The head of our representative office in Washington will have the main task of closely monitoring the opportunities for financing and implementing innovative and high-tech projects in the fields of construction and energy, as well as making proposals for potential investments by the company in various sectors of the American economy," said Kalin Peshov, Chairman of the Management Board of Glavbolgarstroy Holding JSC.

“Our representative office in the United States is part of the unit in the Holding structure focused on international activity and global positioning of the company, namely the "Strategies, Communications, and International Relations" department. I am convinced that our presence in the USA presents a great opportunity for the Glavbolgarstroy team to build additional partnerships and showcase our work overseas. I sincerely believe that our new Representative Office will also open new doors for the development of the company.”

Kalin Peshov, Chairman of the Management Board of Glavbolgarstroy Holding, Dennis R. Deziel, who will lead the GBS U.S. representative office, and Plamena Nenkova, Deputy Executive Director of Strategies, Communications, and International Relations for GBS, used their visit to also attend Select USA Investment Summit that took place at the Gaylord Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. SelectUSA is the premier event that brings together investors, private businesses, economic development organizations, and industry experts to facilitate investment in the U.S. thus strengthening the domestic economy and enabling global collaborations.

Within the framework of the "SelectUSA" talks, possibilities were discussed for opening a subsidiary company of the group in Boston, which would focus on innovative and sustainable solutions developed in partnership with academia. This is a continuation of the company's collaboration with TCU University in Texas and more specifically with the Ralph Lowe Energy Institute. In several conversations with the Representative of the GBS International Advisory Council and Director of the Energy Institute at TCU, Dr. Ann Bluntzer, the possibilities for cooperation in the implementation of innovative technologies (including electrolyzers for the production of green hydrogen) and solutions for energy storage of different types of energy were discussed.

GBS is now bolstering its relationships with American construction stakeholders,  green construction organizations, and related business partners who share its values, and optimizing the full potential of its over 54 years of experience in construction to create value-based partnerships and collaborations.


Dennis Deziel, head of the U.S. GBS office, said, “GBS is an internationally-recognized energy and infrastructure leader whose presence in the U.S. market will help ensure meaningful collaboration, innovation, and success as the U.S. invests in its infrastructure. Identifying and establishing partnerships that benefit all is a GBS hallmark and I look forward to what we can accomplish as we move forward.”


Plamena Nenkova, Deputy Executive Director of Strategies, Communications, and International Relations for GBS, commented: "The opening of a representative office in Washington and the participation of Glavbolgarstroy in the SelectUSA Investment Summit represent an important step for the company. We are committed to expanding our presence in the U.S. market, providing our clients with the best-in-class services GBS is known for,  innovating solutions in construction, and creating new opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.”