24 Jun 2019

“Glavbolgarstroy” supports objective journalism

“Glavbolgarstroy” was а main partner of this year’s competition for quality, honest and responsible journalism Web Report, organized by The construction holding’s Chief communications expert had the privilege to award Victor Ivanov from in “Economy” category for his article “Forget about higher pension”.

At the ceremony, in the presence of an authoritative jury, many candidates for the prestigious prize, as well as journalists supporting the cause of the competition, six more awards were given in the following categories: “Society, Technology and Innovation”, “True Stories”, “Culture and Art”, “Photo Report “,” Video Story “. A surprising special award was given to the trainee-photographer Pavel Danev, who made his debut in the journalistic profession.

Over 100 journalists with more than 260 publications took part in the competition. As the main purpose of the contest the organizers point out the fight against fake news and the deliberate misleading of the audience.