07 Nov 2023

Glavbolgarstroy to represent Solar Turbines in Bulgaria

After a long-term partnership, the company has become an authorized representative of the American technology manufacturer

Glavbolgarstroy International, a company specializing in building energy infrastructure, has been appointed as the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the global leader in cogeneration module production, Solar Turbines Switzerland SAGL.

This move signifies the continuation of Glavbolgarstroy's longstanding partnership with Solar Turbines Incorporated. Over the past decade, Glavbolgarstroy International has successfully installed and commissioned a total of 17 gas turbocompressor units, including models such as Mars and Taurus. Currently, the company is actively involved in a project aimed at expanding the capacity of the country's sole gas storage facility, where the installation of an additional 4 gas turbocompressor units is pending.

While Solar Turbines Incorporated primarily focuses on the utilization of gas turbines for natural gas transmission, the Swiss company Caterpillar, which Glavbolgarstroy will represent, specializes in deploying gas turbines for electricity production and cogeneration, specifically the simultaneous generation of electricity and hot water (steam).

The cogeneration process involves the concurrent production of electricity and heat. Gas turbines burn natural gas (a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen or other fuels, including liquid ones) to drive an electric generator for electricity production. The flue gases generated during the combustion process are directed towards a heat recovery boiler to produce steam.

Cogeneration modules offer approximately 40% higher thermal resource utilization efficiency compared to separate electricity and heat production, making them particularly suitable for industrial applications. Additionally, when using natural gas as fuel, and potentially incorporating hydrogen into the fuel gas mixture in the future, gas cogeneration modules (consisting of a gas turbine and generator) are significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional thermal power plants that burn solid fuels.