20 Apr 2017

Homes in a harmony with nature in Plovdiv are being built

An attractive residential project began in the heart of one of the greenest districts of Plovdiv – “Western”. An investor of the luxury property in the residential complex Hristo Smirnenski III, is “GBS – Plovdiv” JSC.
It includes a residential building with several buildings and public amenities in the ground zone. The designer of the buildings is architect Plamen Bratkov from Aedes Studio Ltd.

Hristo Smirnenski district in Plovdiv is a territory with huge potential for development of modern urban living of the highest quality. The combination of fast and convenient transport to the very center of the city and the direct connection with nature is a valuable asset of the place. The magnificent view of the Rhodope Mountains, the ridge-shaped Canal emblematic for Plovdiv and the surrounding forest create the specific character of the place.

The new residential building on Raya Street aims to offer a high comfort of living, while preserving the most valuable of the empty terrain – its spirit. It is for this reason that the concept of the building originates from the image of the river bank overgrown with trees. The line of the river, repeated by the tree trunks and their crowns, has been recreated with architectural means in the look of the new residential building.