30 Sep 2014

Lot 2 of Struma Motorway is being build according to the plan

Lot 2 of Struma Motorway is being built according to plan and good organizational structure.

This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister of Economic Policy, Minister of Regional Development and Minister of Investment Design Ekaterina Zaharieva during the inspection of the construction of lots 2 and 4 of Struma Motorway.

The inspection was carried out jointly with the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Nikolina Angelkova and the Chairman of the Board of Road Infrastructure Agency Eng. Lazar Lazarov. They visited the Dupnitsa-South junction, the archaeological excavations near the village of Mursalevo, the tunnel near Kocherinovo and the section of Lot 4 of Struma Motorway next to Sandanski.