18 Jan 2024

The CEO of Glavbolgarstroy and the Executive Secretary of Build Europe discuss current topics of the association

Emil Angelov, CEO of Glavbolgarstroy Holding, held a meeting with Federico Lazzari, Executive Secretary of Build Europe, the European association uniting national federations of construction contractors and home builders.

This meeting marked an important step in promoting cooperation between the association and the Bulgarian construction company. As a member of Build Europe, Glavbolgarstroy actively participates in the association's initiatives, which were the main topic of conversation.

Glavbolgarstroy has been a member of Build Europe since 2022. The organization is a key stakeholder in the construction sector at the EU level and actively participates in several European and international initiatives, such as the European Housing Forum, the European Construction Forum, the Build Up Initiative of the European Commission, and the International Housing Association, among others.

During the meeting, they discussed challenges and opportunities in the sector, the implementation of innovative construction practices, EU construction regulations, and the planned events and activities of the association.

Particular attention was paid to the topic of housing affordability in Europe. Emil Angelov shared his observations regarding the large volume of unused commercial space, especially in Central and Western Europe—a trend that began at the beginning of the COVID crisis. He viewed this as an opportunity for the transformation of commercial into residential space, by uniting the efforts of all interested parties.