23 Feb 2023

The challenges facing the European construction sector were discussed at the European Leadership Forum in Brussels

The Conference topic „(Re)Constructing Europe: What Challenges Are Member States Facing?“- organized by the leading European media network Euractiv in partnership with representative office of Glavbolgarstroy in Brussels discussed current challenges for the construction sector. The sector is expected to play a key role in a achieving the EU’s climate neutrality goals set out in the European Green Deal. The representative of the European Commission, European Parliament, European Federation of the Construction Industry , Bulgarian construction company “Glavbolgarstroy” and others, discussed and answered questions live in the framework of the expert debate held on February 22, 2022.

Rising prices for the construction materials and energy, crisis management in the supply chain, recycling and reuse of construction materials, the role the EU Mechanism for reconstruction and sustainability were part of the focus of the discussion between competent parties.

,,The construction sector is important not only for implementation of sustainable policies, but also for achieving economic growth, creating for new working places and improving lives of each of us”, said Fulvia Raffaelli Head of Unit Construction, DG GROW, European Commission.

Tsvetelina Penkova MEP, Member ITRE and REGI Committee, European Parliament, stressed that the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive provides for more than 30 million buildings in EU to be renovated by 2030, which is expected to create more than 150 000 additional ,,green” jobs in construction sector.

,,In order to achieve the goals set in the Green Deal, it is necessary to hear more opinions. It is important to focus on the issue of the social impact of this change and to propose solutions”, noted Csaba Borboly, Member ENVE Committee, Committee of the Regions.

According to Gonzalo Sánchez, Policy Officer for Circular economy and Carbon neutrality in the Building sector, EEB the construction industry continues to think in linear way-extracting row materials, processing and consuming them and then disposing of them. However, the high prices of the construction materials, caused by dusruption of supply chains during the pandemic, have shown that it is time for the construction sector to consider alternatives and change the business model.

Finding employees with necessary qualification is also a big challenge for the European Construction Industry ,,So the big message is that along with the two big pillars- environment and digitalization, we must not forget the policies related to staff training skills upgrаding or retraining” said Domenico Campogrande, Director General, FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation)

Another challenge for industry is the processing of the construction waste.

Kalin Peshov, Member of the Supervisory Board of ,,Glavbolgarstroy Holding”AD, pointed out a solution to some of these problems with the help of circular economy, describing the idea of GBS to build factory for recycling construction waste.

,,The next step which we have taken in our company is to build a factory for processing of construction waste. They will enter in a high-tech facility and will be given an opportunity for further exploitation use again as a raw material and building material”