01 Nov 2023

“The excellent students of Bulgaria”

The CEO of Glavbolgarstroy awarded a two-time world champion in speed computing


23 children were honored for their outstanding achievements at a ceremony on the eve of the Day of Bulgaria's National Awakeners. Glavbolgarstroy partnered with the "24 hours" initiative, now in its seventh year, which celebrates the brightest young minds in Bulgaria.

Svetoslav Lyubomirov, CEO of Glavbolgarstroy Holding, presented the award to Kaloyan Geshev, a two-time world champion in mental speed calculation who can compute faster than a calculator for the second consecutive year.

"I want to congratulate '24 Chasa' for this event full of good and future. Thank you for making us part of the destinies of many Bulgarian children. Being a world champion is a great achievement, but when you duplicate your title, it shows that you are persistent and determined. Keep conquering the peaks in mathematics," said Lyubomirov.

photo: "24 Hours"

Most of the awardees in 2023 excel in mathematics, physics, and informatics. They have won medals at international Olympiads, developed their own business ideas and scientific projects. Among the awardees were Sava Troanski, who boasts more than 50 gold medals in mathematics and last November ranked among the smartest people on the planet. Samuil Nikolov was accepted to study "Space Operations" at one of the most prestigious universities across the ocean, Embry-Riddle, in Daytona Beach, Florida. Maria Drencheva, recognized as the best mathematician in Europe this year, and many other talented Bulgarian students were also honored.

The "24 hours" initiative provides a platform for the stories of the most beautiful young minds in Bulgaria. With this year's honorees, the number of talents in the "Excellent Students of Bulgaria" initiative reached 179.