06 Jun 2023

The implementation of a project for a new shipping berth at the Burgas-west terminal has started

The "Glavbolagrstroy" team started work on а project for construction of a new berth No: 28 at the Burgas-West port terminal. With a depth of 15.5 meters, it will be the deepest ship berth in Bulgaria.

The operational length of the new berth is 260m and will allow for the handling of vessels with a gross tonnage of 80,000t, maximum length 260m, beam 36m, draft 14.5m. The berth will specialize in container and general cargo handling and will facilitate sea ​​and rail heavy freight transport in the country, while at the same time it will help to reduce harmful emissions from port activity through the introduction of new sustainable technologies for cargo handling.

The dredging of the berth area to an elevation of -20.88 meters is in progress, after which the project envisages the construction of a main rock mound under the caissons with fractionated rock material for hydrotechnical construction. The filling under the water will be performed with specialized vessels - a self-propelled split hopper barge, a floating crane, a pontoon with 4 spud legs, long reach excavator, etc. The leveling layer of the main screed will be performed by professional deep divers.

The project also includes the construction of 9 caissons with dimensions of 30x12.5 meters and a height of 16.68 meters. The caissons are being built in two stages - on a dry dock at the ship repair plant in Burgas up to a height of 6.20 meters and building water up to their design height from a specially designed construction wharf. Once built, the caissons are sunk into positions and thus form the future quay wall of KM28.

Project REBIRTH28 is the first phase of the investment intention of "BMF Port Burgas" AD for infrastructural development of port terminal "Burgas West", which includes the construction of 4 new berths /No. 29, 27, 26 and 25A/.

The new berth is being built with European funds under the REBIRTH28 project - "Increasing the share of low-emission multimodal transport in the port from the main Burgas network through new infrastructure at berth 28".