23 Aug 2023

The implementation of a project to increase the structural safety of the “Chelopech” tailings storage facility has been completed

GBS - Global Construction, newly acquired by Glavbolgarstroy and specializing in geotechnical and hydrotechnical construction, has successfully executed a project for earthworks on the southern wall of the Chelopech tailings storage facility, which is now operational.

The project's primary objective was to reinforce the southern wall of the tailings impoundment, ensuring that the facility meets the latest structural safety requirements.

The construction was conducted in a phased manner, without disrupting the facility's ongoing operations. Ground facilities, elements of the control and measurement system on the southern wall, pipelines, and other adjacent infrastructure were sequentially developed. Various preparatory tasks, such as excavation-filling work for temporary roads and overloading, concrete work, and drilling, were also carried out.

These completed activities mark the fourth and final phase of the site's implementation. They encompass the establishment of a drainage layer along the slopes of the southern wall, bottom drainage along the gully leading to the retaining wall, drainage strips, and drainage ribs. Additionally, the embankment of the main wall was reinforced, and a comprehensive control and measurement system for the wall, consisting of piezometers and measuring marks, was implemented.