Borica Business Center

Contracting Authority
BORICA-Bankservice AD

Sofia, Bulgaria

Period of implementation
March 2009 – March 2010
Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
Prime contractor
Nature of works

Design, construction, architectural and installation works

Technical characteristics
  • The project consists of a basement level, ground floor, two floors plus a terrace floor.
  • All exterior walls are made from brick masonry, while the interior is made from concrete.
  • The outer frame is made of aluminium with glass.
  • The roof is flat with extruded polystyrene insulation with 10 cm thick reinforced concrete slope, vapour barrier and two-layer insulation.
  • The external walls are lined with stone, mounted on a metal grid.
  • Flooring – varied, depending on the function of the room – stone, granite, flooring, carpet, etc.
  • All walls, except of bathrooms – latex.
  • Suspended ceilings – Armstrong type, grid 60/60.
  • The building structure is reinforced, allowing resistance, high bearing capacity and durability.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning comply with all requirements for maximum comfort for employees and customers, and have taken measures against unwanted intrusions into installations.
  • The premises are largely provided with natural ventilation and lighting.