Reconstruction of Brussels Boulevard

Contracting Authority
Sofia Metropolitan Municipality

Brussels Boulevard, Sofia

Period of implementation
July 2010 – November 2010
Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
Prime contractor
Nature of works

Reconstruction and rehabilitation

Technical characteristics
  • The renovated boulevard is completed for 2.5-times shorter time – 122 calendar days, which is earlier than 305 calendar days as set forth in the contract for construction. Works began on 28.07.2010 and finished on 28.11.2010. Warranty period – 5 years.
  • Length of the reconstructed road – 2 lanes of 2180 meters, or a total of 4360 meters, including a road running 88 meters outside of the facility and 2 trestles of 2136 meters with a total length of 4272 meters
  • Construction and assembly works are completed on new elastic protective fences and railings – total 10,800 meters;
  • New insulation – 32,400 square meters, including 1400 square meters of special waterproofing steel bridge;
  • Concrete works – new levelling concrete and paving blocks – a total of 8800 cubic meters;
  • New expansion joints – 46 pieces at 10.65 meters;
  • Asphalt pavements – 32,700 square meters in total, or 8,000 tons;
  • Rehabilitation of the reinforced concrete and steel bridge construction.
  • A collector drainage system is built for the removal of stormwater, and repair of the street lighting.
  • A single elastic wall is installed in an external sidewalk block with a three-wave splint under the European standards.
  • For the first time in Bulgaria this site is completed with noise insulation screens – with a total length of 1320 meters. The acoustic noise levels were above the limit tolerances. These screens reduce the noise levels below those limits.
  • The site is completed with anti-dazzling panels under the European standards, which are also a pioneering technology in Bulgaria.
  • Coloured zones are also made (1340 pieces of flowers), which will contribute to the good aesthetic appearance of the boulevard. Flowers are white, green and red, the colours of the Bulgarian state flag.