Waste Water Treatment Plant Arkutino

Contracting Authority
GBS Invest

Humata Cape, Sozopol,  Bulgaria

Period of implementation
January 2007 – June 2008
Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
Investor and Prime contractor
Nature of works

Design and construction of a wastewater treatment plant with deep-water discharge

Technical characteristics
  • The waste water treatment plant Arkutino is part of a project to build the vacation complex “St. Thomas”.
  • The technological cycle includes full mechanical and biological treatment to remove nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as treatment of wastewater to wash out the filters of the swimming pools.
  • Treated water is discharged into the sea, at a distance of more than one nautical mile (1852 meters). This is achieved by so-called deep-water discharge, the first of its kind in Bulgaria.
  • A pipe is built, as it was initially laid beneath the sea within 300 meters of the shore and then runs along the sea bottom. For all its length the pipe is fixed to concrete blocks, at fixed distances in order to counteract sea swell under different climatic conditions.
  • Largely construction works have been carried out by diving teams.
  • The diameter of the deep-water discharge permits to increase the quantity of water passing through it in the future.
  • The material of the pipe is made of high density polyethylene, ensuring for the facility a long lifetime and good mechanical strength under dynamic loads.