Waste Water Treatment Plant Hissarya

Contracting Authority
Hissarya Municipality

Hissarya, Bulgaria

Period of implementation
January 2009 – February 2011
Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
Chief designer and “turnkey” contractor of the site
Nature of works

Design, construction and equipment of the waste water treatment plant
Certain technical characteristics:

  • The waste water treatment plant is the first stage of an integrated project to improve the water cycle of the town of Hissar. The facility has all three levels of treatment (mechanical, biological and tertiary).
  • The capacity of the waste water treatment plant is 25,000 population equivalent, or three times the resident population, which will allow Hissar grow as a spa resort, preserving its natural resources.
  • The infrastructure of the waste water treatment plant includes equipment, buildings and communications designed to treat urban waste water to a degree allowing discharge into the local Blue River identified as a second-category water intake (sensitive area).
  • All technological and SKADA equipment – the automated management system, is implemented under a project by BIOGEST International GmbH and is a complex delivery from Germany, produced according to DIN standards and the latest European stainless steel norms.
  • After assessing the various alternative technological solutions an option for a biological wastewater treatment plant was selected, which shall run on the proven principle of activated sludge under the innovative SBR technology.
  • A particularly valuable asset of the selected technology to operate the WWTP is the fact that the SBR biological step consists of three independently operating steps, which can be operated either simultaneously or separately depending on the load during the different seasons.
  • Stabilized, compacted and dehydrated excess sludge can be successfully used as building material in the construction of roads, reclamation of landfills after mixing with lime.
  • The operation of the WWTP equipment is done centrally by the SCADA system for remote management at the headquarters BIOGEST International GmbH in Germany.