11 Apr 2024

CEO of Glavbolgarstroy speaks at the opening event of “Three Seas” Business Forum

The CEO of Glavbolgarstroy, Emil Angelov, participated in the opening event of the business forum of the "Three Seas" Initiative - the "Three Seas Summit and Business Forum," held on April 10 in Vilnius. The theme of the event was strengthening the economic competitiveness of the Three Seas region through the development of critical infrastructure and clean energy.

During the forum, Emil Angelov discussed the role of the construction sector in energy security, competitiveness, and the wide range of activities of Glavbolgarstroy related to decarbonization. He highlighted projects such as the mobile recycling plant "MOBICCON-PRO" and the upcoming hydrogen project to be implemented in the underground gas storage facility "Chiren," in partnership with technological giants Honeywell, Solar Turbines, and Pietro Fiorentini.

Regarding "MOBICCON-PRO," the CEO emphasized the mobility of the recycling plant, which allows it to be utilized in municipalities lacking recycling facilities and large infrastructure sites. He noted that the project, undertaken in partnership with academic communities from five countries, is in an advanced phase of implementation, currently focusing on developing technological prototypes.

Attention was also given to some of the solar projects implemented by Glavbolgarstroy through the company "Solar G." Among these projects are photovoltaic power plants in various regions of the country. Since its founding in 2022, Solar G has completed and put into operation projects with a total installed capacity of over 3,700 kW within a year and a half.

The conference's focus on the second day of the "Three Seas Summit and Business Forum" centered on the energy and transport transformation of the region, overall economic development, digital infrastructure, cybersecurity, energy security, and net-zero technologies. This year's themes included sustainable economies, transatlantic cooperation, and efforts to assist and integrate associated countries such as Ukraine and Moldova.

The "Three Seas Summit and Business Forum" aims to promote cooperation between the public and private sectors, investment, innovation, and strengthen ties in the "Three Seas" region. The event was hosted by Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda.