Because we don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children

Our commitment to sustainability

We pioneer sustainability in everything we do by ensuring that we meet environmental standards and lead on responsible, future-facing construction every step of the way.

Our projects are built to last and improve people’s lives. We are dedicated to using fewer resources and achieving a low environmental footprint, and we work with partners who share our values.

The construction industry has an essential role to play in achieving global sustainability goals, and at GBS we make sure we keep up with the latest technological, product and process innovations.

We closely monitor and observe all EU sustainability policies and corresponding legislation. Our Brussels office and our membership of national, European and other international associations means we can also actively engage in their development.

Our supply chain

To achieve a circular economy and excellence in everything we do, we choose suppliers and partners with similar environmental values.

It’s our responsibility and privilege to build our clients, partners, and staff’s awareness on the many positives of introducing energy-efficiency measures and using energy-efficient machinery and technology.
Sustainability in action

Energy-saving foam for non-residential buildings

We are developing a new energy-saving foam for non-residential buildings, in partnership with leading European universities.

The multi-functional NRG Foam seeks to reach 25% better insulation capacity and at least 10% higher energy storage capacity.

Mobile recycling construction waste facility

To showcase how a circular system can integrate construction waste with reuse, recycling and energy recovery, we are building a mobile facility for the production of high-end secondary products and materials.

Award-winning Gavrobo wastewater plant

We led the design and reconstruction of the wastewater plant in Gavrobo, Bulgaria.

The project was named Ecological Water Infrastructure of the year at the 2016 Infrastructure Bulgaria awards.

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