14 Jul 2021

GBS discusses with FIEC the state of play of the construction market in Bulgaria and the EU

Glavbolgarstroy (GBS) had a working-level meeting with the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC)* at the GBS Representative office in Brussels on July 13th, Tuesday.

Both organizations discussed the general effect of the COVID 19 crisis on the construction markets in Bulgaria and the EU, focusing precisely on the significant price increase in the construction related raw materials and products which is affecting construction companies throughout the European Union. GBS shared the recent company’s experience from the “first” and the “second” wave of the COVID 19 pandemic in Bulgaria, as well as the strict measures undertaken in order to protect the life and health of the workers at the construction sites and the administration. Glavbolgarstroy revealed information on some of the key ongoing company projects and the efforts invested by the management and employees for meeting project’s deadlines, regardless of the suffered deliveries’ delays and supply chain challenges.

In the course of the meeting both FIEC and GBS shared also their specific experience in working on Horizon 2020 projects, manifesting their strong commitment and satisfaction to joining and further developing such innovative and break-through concepts. FIEC, as well as GBS, stated that they shall continue to heighten and support their future involvement in projects under the Horizon Europe programme which they believe shall bring expertise and value to the related project’s consortiums.

*Established in the year 1905, FIEC aisbl stands for the European Construction Industry Federation. Through its 33 public part leagues in 29 European nations (25 EU and Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey), it addresses construction enterprises of all sizes (from one individual experts and SMEs through to huge global firms), from all structure and civil engineering specialties, occupied with a wide range of working techniques (regardless of whether working as principal or sub-contractors).