22 Aug 2023

Glavbolgarstroy has expanded its capacity by incorporating highly specialized experts in hydrotechnical and geotechnical construction

This month, 79 professionals, including engineers, drillers, machinists, shotcrete operators, drilling and injection specialists, tunnel specialists, sailors, electricians, welders, and mechanics, officially joined the Glavbolgarstroy family through the integration of Global Construction into the GBS corporate group.

Through this strategic move, Glavbolgarstroy is broadening its infrastructure portfolio to encompass specialized activities in geotechnical and hydrotechnical construction. The goal is to achieve synergy within the business model and enhance the company's overall capacity.

Established in 2010, Global Construction is a medium-sized enterprise equipped with highly skilled personnel and specialized machinery. This includes drilling jumbos, robots for executing sprayed concrete, tunnel excavators, anchoring machines, vibro hammer machines, pile drilling machines and more.

Over the years, Global Construction has undertaken significant projects. Notable examples include the construction of the Zheleznitsa tunnel, the longest road tunnel in Bulgaria, located on the Struma highway. This project utilized the innovative Austrian tunneling method (NATM). The company has also been involved in repair and restoration work in the Vitinya tunnel on the Hemus highway, as well as the expansion of the fayalite waste landfill in Pirdop across eight stages. Additionally, Global Construction recently completed a project aimed at enhancing the structural safety of the southern wall of the Chelopech tailings storage facility.