20 May 2019

“Glavbolgarstroy” has started the construction of the new German embassy in Sofia

The foreign ministers of Germany and Bulgaria Heiko Maas and Ekatrina Zaharieva put a time capsule in the foundation of the building

At an official ceremony, in the presence of the Foreign Ministers of Germany and Bulgaria Heiko Maas and Ekatrina Zaharieva, the beginning of the construction of the new building of the German Embassy in Sofia was announced.

Contracting authority of the construction works is the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Construction Agency of Baden-Württemberg. The Bulgarian construction company Glavbolgarstroy AD was chosen for a prime contractor of the site with a competition.

The new Embassy will be on the terrain of the former one on Frederick Jolio Curie Street. The planned activities are divided into separate stages so that the existing Embassy building can perform its diplomatic and consular functions throughout the process.

According to the schedule of the project, all construction measures related to the construction of the new Embassy building will be completed by the end of 2020, while the demolition of the old building and the finalization of the project will be completed by the end of July 2021.

The implementation of the construction and the subsequent functioning of the buildings should be carried out, where possible, using local materials and contractors. The contractor must ensure that both local and German building regulations and standards are taken into account in order to design an efficient and safe new building.

For Glavbolgarstroy this will be third diplomatic site. Over the years, the company has also worked on the construction of the new US Embassy in Sofia and the residence of the Ambassador of Norway.


Built-up Area: 680.96m²

Total built-up area: 736.29m²

Total built-up area: 3146.68m²

Total living area: 3882.97m²

Landscaping (min 20% visas): 45.40%