20 Oct 2023

Glavbolgarstroy will partner with Westinghouse on the first AP1000 reactor technology that will operate across Europe

Glavbolgarstroy is among the five Bulgarian companies that will work with Westinghouse on the new nuclear power project deploying AP1000 reactor technology at the site of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP). Additionally, the companies may potentially partner with Westinghouse in other AP1000-based nuclear projects in the region.

At the official meeting hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce and in the presence of the Minister of Energy, Rumen Radev, the Chairman of the Energy Commission in the National Assembly, Delyan Dobrev, and the US Ambassador to Bulgaria, Kenneth Merten, Glavbolgarstroy, Oscar - EL, Enpro Consult, EnergoService, and EQE signed agreements for project partnership.

Westinghouse is signing Memorandums of Understanding with the Bulgarian companies, including Glavbolgarstroy, to support the upcoming nuclear projects based on the AP1000 technology at the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant site in northern Bulgaria and other projects across the region.

Rumen Radev, Minister of Energy, expressed satisfaction that these are Bulgarian companies that will participate in this process and partner with Westinghouse. The minister assured that the government will work together with the Ministry of Energy to assist with everything necessary for the project's implementation.

Delyan Dobrev, Chairman of the Committee on Energy in the National Assembly, pointed out how thrilled he is that the parliament laid the foundation for this project execution, as it is an extremely big project for Bulgaria and will remain so for many years. He recalled that in Bulgaria, the project start was set a while ago, and currently, the development of the project continues.

Valentin Nikolov, executive director of the Kozloduy NPP, saw the signing of the agreements as the first step in the process and expressed confidence that many Bulgarian companies have the necessary expertise in nuclear energy.

As stated by the US ambassador to Bulgaria, Kenneth Merten, this is a good day for the partnership between Bulgaria and the US, as well as between Westinghouse and the Bulgarian business. Ivan Pironkov, representative of Westinghouse for Bulgaria, emphasized that the company continues with the development aimed at diversifying the Bulgarian energy sector through strategic partnerships with established Bulgarian companies.

The CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, Ivan Mihailov, said that today is a big day for the Chamber. In his opinion, this agreement is extremely important for the positive development of nuclear energy in Bulgaria.