24 Feb 2016

The Glavbolgarstroy Group with three awards from Infrastructure Bulgaria Awards

Three projects implemented by the companies in the Glavbolgarstroy Group were awarded at the first award ceremony of the “INFRASTRUCTURE BULGARIA AWARDS” 2016 initiative.

The founder of the competition, which deals with the projects contributing to the construction of the Bulgarian infrastructure, is “City Media Group”, and is under the aegis of three Ministries – of the Regional Development and Public Works, of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, and the Environment and Waters, of the sectoral, academic and branch organizations in the sector.
The aim is to award the best infrastructure projects realized in the period 2013-2015. The awards are in 8 categories and the winners are nominated by a 30-member prestigious jury with Chairman engineer Pavel Dikovski – Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber “Roads”.

The first prize in the category “Transport Road Infrastructure” was awarded to “Struma Motorway” Lot 2, section “Dupnitsa-Blagoevgrad”. The Principal is the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA). The Contractor is “GBS Infrastructure Construction” and “Patstroy 92”. The Consultant is “Patinvestengineering”.

First prize in the category “Ecological Water Infrastructure” was awarded to “Integrated project for the water cycle of Gabrovo”.
The Principal is Gabrovo Municipality. The Contractor of WWTP is “Glavbolgarstroy” JSC.

A special prize was also awarded to “Lion’s Bridge” transport hub and concomitant infrastructure. The Principal is the Municipality of Sofia, the Contractor is “Glavbolgarstroy”, the designer is “Pateproject 2000”.