08 Mar 2024

The largest climbing hall in the Balkans opens its doors in Sofia

On February 28, the largest climbing hall in the Balkan Peninsula opened in Sofia. The "Balkan" sports climbing hall and training center features a climbing area exceeding 3,000 square meters and offers more than 300 routes.

Located at "187-ma" Street No. 9 in Sofia, the "Balkan" hall welcomes both professional climbers and enthusiasts of all ages. The facility includes indoor and outdoor rope climbing walls ranging from 8 to 17 meters in height, nearly 40 auto belay devices, and a specialized bouldering area that covers 730 square meters and offers more than 240 boulder problems. Climbers also have access to various training tools such as a moonboard, kilterboard, treadwall, and campus board, in addition to a children's area, a speed wall that adheres to International Sport Climbing Federation standards, a fitness area, and more.

The opening ceremony featured demonstrations by world champions from the national sports climbing team, Aleksandra Totkova and Nikolay Rusev, along with climbers from different generations, the youngest being 6 and the oldest 79, illustrating the facility's appeal to a wide range of climbers, from experienced climbers to complete beginners.

On February 29, the day after the opening, Balkan hall had an open day with free entry for everyone interested in checking out and trying the facilities. This special day featured a guest appearance by world champion climber Jacob Schubert.