02 May 2024

Training under the MOBICCON-PRO project brought together representatives from 50 municipalities

Plamena Nenkova, Deputy Executive Director, speaks on MOBICCON-PRO's waste management solutions

A training session titled "Construction Waste as a Resource - Opportunities, Challenges, and Innovative Solutions," developed under the MOBICCON-PRO project, gathered 120 experts from over 50 Bulgarian municipalities in Sofia. Organized by "Glavbolgarstroy Holding," the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy, and the Economic Policy Institute, in collaboration with the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria, the training focused on addressing the challenges surrounding construction waste management.

Centerpiece of the event was the MOBICCON-PRO international research project, a collaborative effort involving the European scientific community, municipalities, and Bulgarian businesses, represented by construction company "Glavbolgarstroy Holding." This project aims to pioneer innovative solutions for construction waste management, specifically by operationalizing and demonstrating the efficacy of a mobile facility for producing high-quality recycled building products and materials. Its core concept revolves around treating construction waste as a valuable resource, reintegrating it into the construction process or the market.

Plamena Nenkova, Deputy Executive Director of "Strategies, Communications, and International Relations" at "Glavbolgarstroy Holding," presented MOBICCON-PRO. Nenkova emphasized the pivotal role of partnerships between municipalities and businesses in addressing construction waste effectively.

"The forthcoming installation, part of our project, could potentially operate within various municipalities lacking recycling facilities, thereby aiding in managing accumulated construction waste," noted Plamena Nenkova.

Throughout the training, municipal representatives were briefed on the latest trends in construction waste management, including selective demolition, identification and handling of hazardous components, recycling technologies for producing high-quality products, and integrating recycled building materials into constructions.

Keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Eng. Rumyana Zaharieva, boasting over 25 years of expertise in construction waste management, outlined various aspects such as national regulations, recycling technologies, and the application of recycled materials in construction.

"The effective management of construction waste at the municipal level determines whether it becomes a burden or a valuable resource," Associate Professor Zaharieva emphasized.

The training concluded with a discussion segment where participants echoed the sentiment that addressing construction waste management necessitates multifaceted solutions, including regulatory reforms and active partnerships across academia, businesses, and governmental bodies.