29 Feb 2024

Construction underway on gas pipeline connecting Chiren underground gas storage to the existing network in Butan

The linear part of the connecting gas pipeline project between the underground gas storage in Chiren and the existing gas transmission network of "Bulgartransgaz" near the village of Butan is being actively built.

The gas pipeline crosses road infrastructure facilities, canals, and rivers, as 7 of the crossings will be made with horizontal drilling. The total length of the route is 41.432 km, with a design pipeline pressure of 75 bar and a pipe diameter of 711 mm.

The activities carried out so far along the nearly 42-kilometer route include overall design, supply of the necessary materials and equipment, excavation of 30 km of the humus layer, excavation of 2.2 km of trench for a gas pipeline, 12 km of excavation for an optical cable line and laying pipes in it, 9 km of backfilling the trench with laid pipes for optics, and 25 km of spreading steel pipes for the gas pipeline along the route. The number of welded joints made is 800.

Apart from the linear part, which is the first stage of the project, the teams are working in parallel on the implementation of Stage 2 - the Butan Gas Pipeline Treatment Station and Stage 3 - the Chiren 3 Gas Pipeline Treatment Station.