26 Jan 2023

GBS completed the construction of the new Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology in Plovdiv

The construction of the one of the most long-awated projects Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (CRSBB) in Plovdiv has been completed. The scientific research center started construction in July 2020 and ended in January this year with the signing of act 15. Thanks to the support of Municipality of Plovdiv the ploject is located nearly 24 decares and has a built-up area of 10,032.93 m2.

During the implementation, GBS completed the construction of scientific research laboratories with specialized premises, training building of five halls with their adjacent premises, an administrative building and greenhouses for the development of research activities.

The idea for the project began with the creation of links between the consortium PlantaSYST, realizing the need to develop a new research center to catalyze the scientific and socio-economic development of Plovdiv. The main focus of the project is the positioning of CRSBB as a leading scientific organization in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe by integrating modern knowledge in the field of genetics, functional genomics and bioinformatics in order to study plant biochemical processes and transfer scientific knowledge in the development of valuable plant products with potential application in medicine, pharmacy, cosmetics and food industry.

The construction was financed through the Operational Program “Science and Education for Smart Growth” worth BGN 16.6 million.