09 Dec 2020

Glavbolgarstroy and Renovate Europe discuss opportunities for future cooperation

Glavbolgarstroy and Renovate Europe have discussed possibilities for future cooperation in a meeting today.

The two parties had a debate on the priorities set at EU level for renovating the European building stock and doubling the renovation rates, with a view to reduce CO2 emissions and tackle the problem with the energy poverty. The Renovation Wave Strategy, published by the European Commission in October 2020, presents as a priority the improvement of the buildings’ energy performance and the achievement of higher levels of energy and resource efficiency.

During the talks, Renovate Europe and Glavbolgarstroy presented their projects and initiatives in the field of building renovation and energy efficiency. The two parties manifested their willingness for future joint collaboration on these strategic topics both at EU level (through the Representative Office of the Bulgarian company in Brussels), as well as at regional / local level in Bulgaria.

The Renovate Europe campaign launched in 2011 is an initiative of EuroACE – the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency of Buildings. Renovate Europe aims to reduce the energy demand of the building stock in the EU by 80% by 2050, with a view to achieve nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB ) standard by mid-century. This is the only EU-wide campaign that focuses entirely on renovating the European building stock, positioning energy efficiency and resource efficiency high on the agenda.