05 May 2023

Glavbolgarstroy at the Delphi Economic Forum: The balance of public investment in social and economic infrastructure is beneficial to society

"Public investments in social infrastructure in the form of schools, kindergartens, hospitals and in economic infrastructure such as roads, highways and power grid should not be set against each other. They are an inseparable whole that benefits society", said Kalin Peshov, chairman of the Management Board of Glavbolgarstroy in a panel interview with the Greek journalist Maria Nikoltsiou.


Kalin Peshov perused the possibilities for achieving maximum efficiency to the benefit of society in distributing public funds. The importance of investment in social and economic infrastructures, as two complementary elements in achieving a common goal, was also discussed. Public-private partnership as an integral part of infrastructure investments was also in the limelight.


At the economic forum, better known as the Greek Davos, Peshov also pointed out that Bulgaria has a serious potential for development, while the highly qualified personnel make it a preferred location for investment.


When asked about the development of the Glavbolarstroy group, he stated that the company had been implementing projects in Eastern and Western Europe, Germany, Kosovo, the Republic of North Macedonia, etc. for more than 50 years. "We are currently working on some of the key critical infrastructure projects such as IBS - the gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Serbia, as well as the Chiren Gas Storage capacity expansion. These leading projects define the independent gas supply to South-Eastern Europe ", Peshov commented.


He added that the company already has an operational office in Brussels, as the opening of the GBS office in Washington is pending in the next few days. The Brussels office is actively working on projects related to green energy.

"We try to be the best in what we do, by strictly following budgets and deadlines - this is at the core of the company's philosophy," Peshov pointed out while stressing that all forecasts show growth and sustainability. "We are a socially responsible company. We carry out our projects in a socially responsible way so that future generations can be proud of what we have built. No matter if we talk about highways, gas or rail infrastructure - the important thing is that they benefit as many people as possible”, Peshov pointed out.


During the forum, Peshov referred to the code of ethics of Glavbolgarstroy, and its purpose to maintain the high efficiency of public investments while respecting the GBS workplace ethics.