16 Dec 2021

Glavbolgarstroy partners with EUROGAS on issues related to the future of natural gas infrastructure and gas market development

The GBS daughter company – “Glavbolgarstroy International” AD joined the association at the end of 2021. GBS is the only member of the European organization from Bulgaria, which had no representation from this EU member-state prior to that.

Following rounds of meetings and discussions held in Brussels between Glavbolgarstroy and EUROGAS within the calendar year 2021, the Bulgarian construction company took a decision to join the network of the very influential European association, representing the European natural gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors.

EUROGAS is an organization established in the year 1990, which prior to the integration of Glavbolgarstroy International AD within its structures comprised of 56 companies and associations from 24 countries. The Association supports the role of gas in the energy mix through ongoing dialogue with European industry players, global gas producers/distributors, and relevant institutions & regulatory bodies.

While advocating and promoting the smooth functioning of the European internal gas market, EUROGAS actively contributes to achieving the ambitions climate goals of the European Union. The vision of the association is directed to a strong and integrated natural gas market, supporting actively policies and actions on energy efficiency, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction and production/transportation of renewable energy, renewable gas, hydrogen, etc.