25 Mar 2024

Progress on the above-ground segment of the Chiren underground gas storage expansion project

Installation of four gas turbocharger units overseen by engineers from American firm "Solar Turbines"


Approximately 30% of the construction and installation tasks for the above-ground expansion of the Chiren gas storage facility have been finalized, with oversight from the American manufacturer "Solar Turbines" on the installation of four gas turbocompressor units. These units, delivered on March 18th, are slated for installation completion by mid-this week.

The project's construction site spans 70,000 square meters. The Glavbolgarstroy team, responsible for the project's execution, comprises 250 personnel, including 40 engineers and 210 workers and mechanics.

By the end of June this year, it is anticipated that the completion of activities in the Construction, Plumbing, Heat Supply, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Road, and Architecture segments will be achieved. The installation of technological equipment, which has already begun, along with the implementation of subsequent phases including Electrical (covering Electricity Supply and Electrical Equipment, Automation of Technological Processes, and Telecommunications and Communication Links), Geodesy, is expected to be completed by the beginning of next year.