28 Mar 2024

Securing gas supply and decarbonization – topics of the Annual Eurogas Regional Conference in Slovenia

Glavbolgarstroy, represented by Pavel Valodzka, who leads the company's office in Vienna, engaged in pivotal discussions at the Annual Eurogas Regional Conference in Slovenia. The conference, renowned for its focus on the evolving challenges and opportunities within the gas sector, this year focused on the critical themes of securing gas supply and fostering decarbonization.

The event underscored the symbiotic potential of hydrogen and green gases, highlighting the strategic role of gas as a reliable alternative to renewables, notably due to its storage capabilities. The discussions also emphasized the importance of biomethane and the need for enhanced interconnectivity through gas pipelines to bolster regional stability.

A key takeaway from the conference was the significant part played by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in diversifying Europe's gas supply, with a major contribution from the United States. This comes against the backdrop of European consumers facing costs approximately five times higher than those in the US and Asia, underscoring the urgency for infrastructural and policy adaptations.

The conference also delved into the necessity for flexible infrastructure, predicting a stable demand for natural gas over the coming decades amidst prevailing uncertainties. The emphasis was placed on diversification, storage, and the security of supplies as cornerstone strategies for a resilient energy future.

Highlighting the need for a tailored approach to infrastructure development across EU member states, the discussions pointed towards the expansion of LNG terminals and the integration of the Southern Corridor and LNG storages in Greece and Turkey into the EU's gas network as critical moves.

The vision for a European Hydrogen network, the simultaneous advancement of renewable gases alongside hydrogen, and a call for heightened ambition in green policies were other significant points of discussion. These insights reflect a collective drive towards integrating sustainable solutions within the gas sector, marking a significant step forward in the industry's journey towards decarbonization.