Struma Highway, Lot 2

Contracting Authority
Road Infrastructure Agency

Dupnitsa – Blagoevgrad, from km 322+000 to km 359+483.52

Period of implementation
May 2013 –October 2015
Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
Prime contractor, as a leading partner in Consortium “Struma-2”
Nature of works

As a part of the Trans-European Transport Network “North-South” and European Transport Corridor No IV, Highway “Struma” is of great importance for the integration of national infrastructure in European one, including for the improvement of social, environmental and economic development of the regions through which it passes.

  • Lot 2 of the highway, connecting Dupnitsa and Blagoevgrad, is a complex Project:
    It is the first highway project for engineering – achieved is a maximum effect in the design and construction
  • The project includes parts Roads, Big Structures, engineering diversified Infrastructure in compliance with the highest Environmental requirements for the construction site
  • Lot 2 is a major project: length of 37.5 km, four road junctions, two tunnels with a length of about 380 m each, 40 pcs. big structures-viaducts, underpasses, overpasses, bridges with a total length of 5 km and build up area of about 120 acres
  • The construction is accompanied by extensive archaeological excavations preserved heritage for future generations
  • Innovative design and technological conceptions combined with the high project quality provide comfort, safety of traffic on the highway and possibility of further implementation of intelligent transport systems.