Design and Reconstruction of Gabrovo Waste Water Treatment Plant

Contracting Authority
Gabrovo Municipality

Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Period of implementation
August 2012 – February 2015
Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
Chief designer and “turnkey” contractor of the site
Nature of works
  • Review and analysis of existing Employer’s design, its conformity with the standards for design and elaboration of technical design and detailed working design for Reconstruction of Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), town of Gabrovo;
  • Coordination of the project with all supervisory authorities, operating companies and institutions according with the legal requirements and obtaining all necessary permits and positions, as well as obtaining a building permit to start the construction legally;
  • Execution of construction and assembly works for the reconstruction of Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in town of Gabrovo, machinery and equipment supply, automation, single and complex tests, measurements and transfer the facility with the Statement of Ascertainment 15 and Certificate of Acceptance by FIDIC;
  • Fulfillment of author’s supervision, technical solutions, project enhancements, process control and assistance in running the site into operation.
  • Preparation of working documentation and cadastral surveys of the entire site;
  • Personnel training, supervision and support for operation and maintenance of Waste Water Treatment Plant;
  • Tests after completion as per the Warranty of the processes;
  • Site commissioning with the Protocol form 16;
  • Period for reporting and defect corrections, monitoring of treatment processes, achieving design parameters and supporting the personnel in operation and maintenance of the newly built elements of WWTP, town of Gabrovo.
Technical characteristics
  • Inlet loading – 100 000 p.e.
  • Q daily average – – 18 505 m3/d
  • BOD5 /organic loading/ – 5 987 kg/d
  • COD loading – 11 974kg/d
  • TKN load / total Nitrogen loading / – 1 000 kg/d
  • Р-load/ total phosphorous loading/ – 150 kg/d