Regional depot for daily waste Vidin

Contracting Authority
Vidin Municipality

Vidin, Bulgaria

Period of implementation
March 2014 –May 2015
Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
Prime contractor
Nature of works

The regional depot for domestic waste is designed and constructed to allow domestic waste, generated on the territory of Vidin district, in accordance with OP Environment 2007-2013’s requirements, signed between European Union and Republic of Bulgaria. The project’s purpose is oriented to environment preservation and protection of population’s health in Vidin District.In execution of the concluded Contract,Glavbolgarstroy , executed the following subsites and types of construction-assembly works:

Service buildings and facilities, including:
– Weighing machine;
– Disinfection trap;
– Administrative-domestic building;
– Car wash.
– Local WTP;
– Service roads;
– District lighting;
– Onsite Water supply and Sewerage, including:
– Onsite drinking water supply;
– Fire-safety water pipe;
– Inlet water supply for technical water;
– Onsite el. networks НН;
– Diesel generator 160 kVA;
– Site and installation for biogas burning;
– Drainage of site, including 3 discharges in Danube river;
– Site and composting installation;
– Site for construction waste;
– Outdoor parking;
– Fence and entrance gates;
– Forest clear cut belt;
– Monitoring system;
– Bulkhead 200м
– Cuttings – 258 740м3
– Embankments – 145 975м3
– Concrete – 1 109,60м3
– Formwork – 3 256,57м2
– Reinforcement – 64 004,53кг
– Water proofing geomembrane made of HDPE foil and a protective layer
of geotextile for lower insulating screen (LIS) and Box 1 – 43 745,89m²
– Draining geocomposite and concrete mat for Upper
insulating screen (UIS) for Technical recultivation of
Old waste Depot – 29 150,00m²
– Asphalting works – 3 979,15 tones

With the realization of the project have been achieved the requirements of the Employer for:

  •  The use of a system for a full monitoring on the Depot’s processes and facilities, giving guarantee for avoiding emergency situations;
  • Provision of sufficient safety and health measures for people at time of construction, exploitation and maintenance of the Depot;
  • Provision of measures, giving guarantee for the continuous and fault-free work of the Depot for the entire project’s term of validity.