Waste Water Treatment Plant Plovdiv

Contracting Authority
Plovdiv Municipality

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Period of implementation
June 2021 – December 2022
Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
DZZD “WTTP Plovdiv 2018″ (“GBS-Plovdiv”, “Glavbolgarstroy”, “EKO-PROEKT 2000” )
Nature of works
  • The project aims to reconstruct and extend the Plovdiv Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to a maximum capacity of 450,000 E.Z. while reducing its adverse impact on the environment, and improving the parameters of the purified water discharged into the Maritsa River in accordance with European requirements.
  • The project includes the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure and the construction of new facilities for the removal of nitrogen compounds through biological nitrification and denitrification, the removal of phosphorus compounds, and new facilities for the stabilization and dewatering of sludge.
  • With the implementation of the project, the mechanical stage of the WWTP Plovdiv has been completely reconstructed. Existing biobasins were reconstructed and new facilities for the biological removal of phosphorus were built, as well as a reagent farm for chemical removal of phosphorus.
  • The sludge farm has been fully modernized. Part of the dewatered sludge is planned to be dried using a new solar drying system, and the remaining part will be dried using a new thermal drying installation – the first of its kind in Bulgaria. Two new methane tanks were built for anaerobic stabilization of the sludge, each with a volume of 7,500 m3. The biogas produced from this process is used to generate electricity which will cover part of the needs of the Plovdiv WWTP.