Multifunctional Sports Hall Arena Samokov

Contracting Authority
Samokov Municipality

Samokov, Bulgaria

Period of implementation
July 2006 –September 2007
Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
Prime contractor
Nature of works

Design, construction and complete equipment of a multifunctional sports hall with capacity of 2350 spectators

Technical characteristics

Total built-up area: 8,982.77 square meters

Main entrance hall and side entrances

The main concourse is located beneath the central platform. The flow of spectators into two – left and right lobby in the side stands. There are cupboards, wardrobes, WC. Between the vestibule and main entrances are stairwells on the first and second levels of loading, and elevators for the disabled.
At the side lounges are located in staircases to the second level of charge.
These levels of loading are glazed to the side entrances and the central hall, which enriches the interior of the building. On the side there are two additional lounges for evacuation exit.


The main stands are 9 lines using line spacing is 0.90 meters. Charging and evacuation is carried out by first and second level. The last 2 lines on the northern side stands are VIP stands. They have a separate entrance – directly from the VIP room. In the higher rows of the stands are provided protective metal railings, and internal stairs to load.

Main sports arena

The main sports arena located above the adjacent land measuring 42.00 meters / 25.00 meters meeting all modern requirements for sports matches and tournaments. Around the arena, there are 1.95 meters down from the runway for additional grandstands in various sports and use of the hall. These additional stands are located in niches in the first row of the main sites.
Service premises
The service entrance and the entrance for athletes are located from the west at a lower level.
In the main lobby of the athletes are:

  • security and information
  • two freight-passenger elevators
  • cargo platform for direct outside loading
  • toilets
  • two service stairwells to / from all levels and the roof space
  • two additional escape stairs at the exit

Under the side stands and the first loading level, there are two dressing rooms for athletes.

At the level of the main sports arena there are:

  • conference room /with a warehouse adjacent to it/
  • doctor’s office
  • room for medical examination
  • two referee rooms with bathrooms to them
  • toilets

On the second floor there are:

  • VIP room with a private bath, a small kitchenette and direct access to the VIP stands
  • offices /methodological rooms /3 units/.
  • VIP Lounge with 30 seats. The place is surrounded with spectacular glass railings, and guests can use a spacious bathroom with two toilets. Above the VIP seats there are 4 commentator cabins with wireless internet.

At a higher level there are:

  • offices / methodological rooms

On the last level there are:

  • storerooms and exits to the service footbridges and bridges for preventive maintenance of equipment and construction.

In the basement there are:

  • workout room sized 30.00 meters /15.00 meters
  • two locker rooms for athletes
  • phyto-bar fitness gym, locker rooms, saunas, jacuzzi, fitness gym. This complex has a separate entrance from the outside and a closed passage leading to the hotel for athletes.
  • technical facilities
  • warehouses

The hall is lit on the sidelines.

The height of the room (along the outline of the main sports arena) to the bottom edge of the structure is 12.50 meters long.