Storage and production base for bicycles

Contracting Authority
Pierre & Maxcom Mobility Ltd.

Benkovski Village, Plovdiv Region

Period of implementation
August 2022 – November 2023
Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
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Nature of works

The project encompasses four distinct stages, involving the construction of various warehouses, service rooms, and substations. This comprehensive undertaking incorporates both construction and assembly works, ensuring the facility meets all conditions necessary for its operation. Throughout the construction process, adherence to approved projects and standards was maintained, ensuring the safety and functionality of the completed facility. The construction includes a prefabricated reinforced concrete and metal structure, comprising columns, beams, and capitals, which provides stability. The roof structure is fitted with a sheet metal covering, complete with thermal insulation, waterproofing, smoke vents, and skylight roof lighting. Additionally, a polished concrete floor was installed, designed to withstand the loads imposed by different machinery and vehicles.

Technical characteristics
  • Warehouses for Finished Products
  • Materials Warehouse
  • Frame Warehouse
  • General Purpose Warehouse
  • Battery Storage
  • Two-Story Service Area
  • Service Rooms located in the Southwest Part of the Building, including a Server Room
  • Substations #1 and #2

Total Built-Up Area: 45,144 m²