Bulgaria-Serbia Intersystem Gas Connection

Contracting Authority
Bulgartransgaz EAD

Gas pipeline with a starting point in the area of ​​the town of Novi Iskar and an end point at the Bulgarian-Serbian border.

The route of the transmission gas pipeline passes through the following regions and municipalities.

Sofia city district:

  • Sofia Municipality – the town of Novi Iskar, Sofia – Trebich, Mirovyane, Mramor, Dobroslavtsi and Zhiten

Sofia district:

  • Municipality of Kostinbrod – Golyanovtsi, Dragovishtitsa, Kostinbrod and Petarch
  • Municipality of Bozhurishte – Hrabarsko
  • Slivnitsa municipality – Slivnitsa, Galabovtsi, Aldomirovtsi, Bratushkovo and Burlozhnitsa
  • Dragoman Municipality – Dragoman, Chukovezer, Dragoil, Chorul, Vladislavtsi, Novo Burdo and the village of Kalotina
Period of implementation
2022 – 2023
Glavbolgarstroy’s role in the project
Prime contractor
Nature of works

Construction and commissioning of the Bulgaria-Serbia Intersystem Gas Connection (IBS) on Bulgarian territory, including: supplies of materials and equipment, execution of construction and installation activities and commissioning of gas pipeline with a length of 62 km., “Slivnitsa” gas measuring station, “Dragoman” gas measuring station, treatment facility and “Kalotina”gas measuring station, “Novi Iskar” treatment facility.